StoryADay May 14

Louise closed the door of her apartment for the last time.   She swallowed the lump of sadness that was resting in her throat.   It was time to move on.   She knew she was doing the right thing;  everyone had told her this.    Living alone was getting harder and more dangerous every day.   She'd had three falls in the past month, each one requiring the paramedics to come and help her up.   It was embarassing to say the least.   Her children were worried about her.   So Louise had sold most of her belongings, given the important things to her children, found a new home for her cat, and prepared to move in to an assisted living residence. 
"Mom, are you ready?   It's time to go." her son, Richard said gently, taking her arm. "As ready I will ever be I suppose" she tried to sound cheerful and positive, but knew it was not working.  It was not in her nature at the best of times.   And this was not the best of times.
They pulled up to the door of the residence, ir…

StoryADay May 7

1. I put my phone down and took several deep breaths to calm myself.   This was the last straw.   It was time for me to act and end this situation once and for all.    I sat down on the couch and planned how I was going to end the marriage of my son to the horrible woman he was married to.   I had tried to stop the marriage before it happened.   But he is his mother's son and loves a good challenge and doesn't like to be told he shouldn't do something.  It only makes him want it more.   So I'd had to accept the fact that he had made his choice and it was not my business.  He was an adult after all.   But this woman he was married to had a vendetta against me right from the start.  She had made it her mission to make sure Andrew knew how horrible his childhood had been, how awful his family had treated him and how she was not going to allow it anymore.   And she had driven a wedge in our family that would never be repaired.  I hated her.    And the feeling was mutual.  …

StoryADay#4 40 minute timer

My name is Larry and I am 6 years old.   I am a white cat, with a blue eye and a green eye and a pink nose, and ears.  I've been told that's what got me adopted into my forever home.    In the shelter I let everyone believe I was deaf.  And so they told my mommies that I was deaf.   But they have the most delicious treats at their place and I run every time I hear the bag.  So that kind of blew my cover.   But it's okay.   They still kept me.   I love both of my mommies, but I think I like B the best.    She is really comfortable to sleep on.  C is too, but she often has a machine on her lap and it doesn't leave much room.   So, I want to tell you about my typical day. As soon as I hear voices in the morning I run in and help B and C wake up.   They like it when I walk all over them and try to get in between them.  I like to chew B's hair, it's really quite delicious.   Charlie doesn't like me to walk on her, she says it hurts.   (I think Charlie secretly do…

Story A Day #3 Drabble

The old man tottered up to my door carrying a suitcase.  I watched, heart in mouth, as he lost and regained his balance.   I knew not to run out and help, he needed to feel useful and there was so little opportunity for that in his life anymore.   He looked up at me and smiled briefly, concentrating on what he was doing.    I smiled back.   I could tell by his expression that he didn't know who I was.   I waited.  Maybe it would come to him, maybe it wouldn't. "Hello there," he said. The blank look didn't change. "Hi, Dad".
Lisa drove her Mercedes recklessly through the streets of the city, cursing furiously into her cellphone.  "200 hours of community service working with the poor!!  I don't have time for this.  That bastard of a judge hated me and wanted to see me suffer!   OOH!!  I could just scream.  How am I supposed to fit this in when I have things to do?   Brunch, and tennis and going to the spa and the country club take up most of my time and the rest of the time I spend keeping my wardrobe up to date with the current fashions! Where am I going to find 200 hours???"
"I know it totally sucks girlfriend  I mean, he has no idea how hard it is for us to keep up with our hectic schedules!   I think you should talk to your lawyer and tell him its cruel and unusual punishment!  I mean seriously???  200 hours??   What the fuck eh?"
"I know right??  But when I told my asshole lawyer I couldn't do it, he looked at me like I was a child and said I should be grateful that&#…

Story A Day May 1

Sharon was late for work again.   The second time this week and she knew her boss would not be happy.  It was bad enough that she was a single mother and frequently needed time off when Grace was sick, but to be late as often as she was did not put her in the bosses good books.  Today was an important meeting and Sharon was hoping to make up for past shortcomings by blowing their minds with her presentation.   But today, Grace, exercising her 2-year-old independence decided she didn't like oatmeal anymore and upended her breakfast all over herself. Sharon tried to keep her temper, it was hard to deal with the terrible two's but she wanted to be a good mother.  As Sharon hurriedly cleaned up her daughter for the second time, she looked frantically at the clock and grabbed a second cup of coffee instead of breakfast and headed out the door.   Pulling out of the driveway while gulping down her coffee, Sharon felt her stomach cramp.  "Oh no, please, not today" sh…

Ziploc and Zero

Ziplocs and Zero
I crafted myself a delicious lunch Put it in the Ziploc with a gentle scrunch At noon I ate my still fresh hero
Ziploc one, staleness zero