Saturday, April 30, 2016


He was like Zorro

Leaving his mark on my soul

Masking his feelings 

he'd come and go

always returning at just the right moment

to save me

from myself

from others

And then he was gone again

to save 

yet another damsel 

in distress

Old Yeller

There she goes again "Old Yeller"  laughed Gina and she and James snuggled into bed.  It was a Saturday night and like clockwork the neighbour above them was getting it on with her husband.  They could set their clocks by it.  It was obviously a good time for both of them, but mostly for her.  She was a yeller.   Loud and obscene yelling at Roger.   "Oh yes Roger, you are such a big strong man...fuck me big boy, come on...".and on and on till Roger let out a yell "I'm coming I come...".   Shortly thereafter you would hear footsteps and someone, Roger presumably, would use the toilet.  Then there would be silence for the rest of the night.

But the first time Gina and James had seen Roger and Lucy on the elevator their discomfort had turned to hilarity.   Because Roger and "Old Yeller" were....well...old.   In their late 70's if a day.   And here they had been thinking of them as a young hipster couple, with tattoos and spiky hair and sexy lingerie and porn videos.  

"My God " said James, the Saturday night after seeing them for the first time.  "One of them is going to break a hip!"   and he and Gina had giggled about it all evening.

"I hope we are like that when we are that age"  Gina said.  

"Well you aren't a yeller how could we be? "  said James with a smile.

"Maybe you just need to try harder to make me yell" said Gina giving him a wicked grin.

And so they took a page from the couple above them and James did his best to make Gina a yeller. And he was quite successful.

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Mr. X

Mr X

They were there for a wild night out.  He was looking for a diversion.   He sent a drink over to their table.  They gladly accepted the drinks from the dark, handsome stranger at the bar.  He was well dressed and reeked of money.  They raised their glasses in toast and he nodded at them.  He had been watching them all night, these two gorgeous women, one blond, one redhead.   They were young, and uninhibited, dancing together in that sexy provocative way single women do when they are out together.  They would be perfect for what he had in mind.   He walked over to their table and without asking permission he sat down.  They looked at him curiously.  He made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.   For a fee, they would be his for the night.   At first they seemed reluctant, but when he mentioned the amount it peaked their interest. 

Leaving the bar they headed to his room at a nearby upscale hotel.   He popped the cork on a bottle of champagne and handed them each a glass.   They drank it, giddy with excitement at this new adventure.  While they drank he walked over to the large tub in the corner of the room and filled it.   He ordered the girls to undress and get in the tub.   They did as he told them, sinking in to the fragrant bubbles with delight.   When he asked them to wash each other they looked a little reluctant.  He reminded them of their deal, telling them he was in charge and he wasn’t paying them to be shy.   Sitting on a chair in the corner of the room he watched them frolic in the tub, laughing and playing like a couple of seal pups.   It seemed as though they had forgotten he was in the room.  He liked that.

When they got out of the tub he ordered them to onto the bed.   The blond tried to take his hand and lead him over there with them, laughing playfully.  But he refused.  He brought over a brief case and laid it on the bed.  Inside there were all sorts of sex toys.  Whips, dildoes, silk scarves, vibrators.  He told them to enjoy themselves, and went and sat back on the chair.   They looked at him hesitantly.   They had thought he would be joining them.   They weren’t prepared for what he had in mind.  It wasn’t something they had ever done.   He told them he wanted them to explore all that was on offer in the case…with each other.   At their hesitation he doubled his price.   For a moment the redhead looked indignant and he was afraid he had misjudged.  Sometimes the money made them feel too much like whores.   But her friend started to kiss her and soon any indignation was forgotten.   As the two women explored each other and all of the toys he sat and watched the action, calling out orders to them now and again.  Lick her nipples, kiss her pussy, use the whip, tie her to the bed.   As the evening wore on they brought each other again and again over the edge of desire.   They were amazing to behold and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. 

When he felt they had had enough of each other he went over to the bed.  He fucked both of them in every way imaginable.   When he was through, he left them.

The two women woke the next morning feeling totally satiated and only slightly embarrassed at all they had done.   They never found out his name, or where he came from.  He never came back to the room and they never saw him again.

But they never, ever, forgot.


Wild and wanton Wendy Whiner
Took her boyfriend to a diner
Where he sat and wailed and wept
Cause his dinner was not finer

Wendy wished she'd brought her whip
The man was wimpy, weak and worried
She slapped him hard instead and scowled
He paid the bill and off he scurried

When Wendy walked into her wardrobe
There he cowered wincing weakly
On the bed, she ordered sternly
Of course the guy obeyed her meekly

When Wendy wore her wicked grin
Her boyfriend knew the jig was up
She would work him head to foot
And then reward him like a pup

Why was she called Wendy Whiner
A woman wicked as she was
Cause I like to make men whine
She said without the slightest pause.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Very Awful Poetry

Vixen  (limmerick)

There once was an oversexed Vixen
Who dated a young man named Dixon
They fucked on and on
Till the breaking of dawn
And now poor old Dixon needs fixin'


Voluptuous  (haiku)

Voluptuous breasts
Bouncing up above my face
I am in heaven

Virgin  (free verse)

She said she was a virgin but
I think she was mistaken
The way she took control of me
told me she'd once been taken

She said she was virgin, but
It seemed to me so strange
how she could do the things she did
That woman sure had range

She said was a virgin, but
The lady was a shouter
She called a name that wasn't mine

And now I truly doubt her

Monday, April 25, 2016


Under the shade of the apple tree
On a day so long ago
Under the skirt of a maiden fair
A young man dared to go

Unless you mean to marry me
she said it is a sin
I really must forbid you, sir
You cannot go within

Understand me now my dear
He said with deep affection
Nothing bad can happen now
For  I have brought protection

Until I see a wedding ring
I will  not  be deflowered
But then he kissed her deeply and
Soon  she was overpowered

Under the shade of the apple tree
she gave herself completely
And all that summer afternoon
He made love to her sweetly.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Tease

I had a dangerous lover once.  She drove me crazy with her cruelty and passion.  Our time together was intense and I was left a mere shadow of my former self by the time we were through.  I wrote this poem about a game of pool we were playing one night. 

The Tease

Taunting and tempting
Those brown eyes aglow
Set me on fire
From my head to my toe

A glimpse of some cleavage
A hand on my leg
Soon I will weaken
I might even beg

She whispers desire
Each time I come near
I know she is trouble
But I have no fear

I lean over the table
My position is right
Legs spread arms bent
And then...what a sight

I look at the pocket
She's straddled the spot
Now how in the hell
Can I make this shot??